5 Great Outdoor Bodyweight Workouts. . .


Outdoor bodyweight workouts are simple because they require very little equipment, yet highly effective in the way that they test and improve mental willpower, endurance and strength.

The following workouts are each designed with a specific purpose in mind. They will help you to burn fat, build solid abs, strengthen your core, improve your upper body or legs depending on which one you select. They will all significantly help you to improve your conditioning.

Sometimes it is impossible to get to the gym, so that is when these workouts will especially come in especially. Other times it is refreshing to take your training elsewhere, out into the natural world. The shift in perspective helps keep your workouts fun and varied, as well as keep you healthy and move you further towards your goals.

Just because these workouts involve simple exercises, it is still significantly important that you maintain correct form at all times. This will help to make the movements more efficient, alongside keeping you safe and injury free.

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